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Pop-up sponges for vehicle care / car sponges

For more than 40 years, vehicle maintenance is one of the classical application areas of our cellulose sponges. Our big, but nevertheless space-saving delivered popup sponge are used for the care of almost every vehicle or vehicle-part. They clean surfaces such as e.g., car paint, plastics, aluminum or even glass gently and thoroughly. Whether they are used as classical, manual car cleaning sponges or even in automated cleaning processes: the robust fibre - structure and enormous absorption capacity always provide clean results. Additionally, every compressed sponge can be printed-on with an appealing advertising imprint, is machine-washable and therefore, often re-usable and completely biodegradable. This means, our products make a small contribution to a cleaner environment and our extraordinary car sponges become useful and sustainable promotional articles for carwash operators, petrol stations, garages, paint shops, car dealers or simply every car lover at the same time.

Advertising pop up sponges to be used for cleaning different vehicle parts


Our TOP-SELLER, the chemical-resistant universal sponge in convenient size with medium porosity absorbs a lot of water and is therefore suitable for the cleaning of almost every bigger surface of your car, motorbike, bike, e-bike, or scooter. The stabilizing surrounding skin makes the sponge very durable and therefore very popular, also in professional applications. Wash your car and take care of it in the same way, like the professionals do and trust in the proven SPONTEX - brand quality: e.g., numerous popular manufacturers of car paint rely on our very absorbent cellulose sponges and have been offering our advertising MIDI pop-up-sponge together with their high-quality paints and varnishes as indispensable accessory in the B2B business for decades. In addition to the high utility value, the MIDI offers a one- or two-sided, appealing advertising space on the edge, which can be printed-on as per your individual layout.

Specification MIDI

Dimension compressed: approx. 115 x 35 x 4-6 mm
Dimension open: approx. 135 x 90 x 37 mm
Colours: natural, blue, light-green, pink
MOQ: 500 pieces per colour/layout/delivery

On demand, the MIDI viscose sponge in natural colour is also available in uncompressed, open condition (not printable).


The pop-up cleaning sponge with the biggest possible swelling-up effect: compressed, it is delivered as flat sponge „card “, once in water, within just a few seconds, it grows to a popular semicircular classical SPONTEX car - sponge, which is well-known in automotive retail. The JUMBO lies well in the hand and because of its big size, it can absorb huge volumes of liquids. This makes it’s perfectly suitable for cleaning also very big areas (e.g., on trucks or busses etc.). Besides the absorbency and retention capacity, it’s also the soft and flexible material structure of the cellulose fibres which provides a clean cleaning - result and cares the car paint particularly gently. The reinforced skin-surface makes the sponge, which is even chemical-resistant, very durable and offers a large space for an individual imprint and long-lasting advertising effect at the same time. After usage, just wash-out the sponge with up to 60°C in the washing-machine, so you can use them fresh again for a very long period. It is not uncommon for this extra-large formatted JUMBO - sponge, to print a Christmas-Card - motive directly on the surface. Petrol stations, oil companies, insurance companies, washing centers or car dealers take advantage of these extraordinary sustainable and useful pop-up-sponge-greeting-cards and use them as mailing - booster or gifts for their customers.

Specification JUMBO

Dimension compressed: approx. 170 x 80 x 3-4 mm
Dimension open: semicircular, approx. 180 x 85 x 45/50 mm
Colours: only in natural colour
MOQ: 500 pieces per layout/delivery

On request, the viscose sponge JUMBO is also available in uncompressed, open condition (not printable).


Especially in professional car-cleaning processes, the extra thick MAXI PLUS – pop-up sponge has been regularly used for many years, because the coarse pore-structure and big format guarantee a particularly high absorbency and retention - capacity. The chemical-resistant sponge has a stabilizing, surrounding skin, which makes it even more robust. Very often, this cleaning - professional is in permanent use in commercial manual or automatic procedures - e.g., in car-washing lines, at petrol stations, at car dealerships or during lacquer - and paint works in garages and workshops. All these users also especially appreciate the sustainability of our products because viscose pop up sponges are machine-washable up to 60°C, therefore often re-usable and at the end of their lifetime they are even completely biodegradable. On both sides, the extra-large printing area on the edge of the sponge offers a lot of space for your individual advertising messages.

Specification MAXI PLUS

Dimension compressed: approx. 135 x 50 x 5-7 mm
Dimension open: approx. 153 x 113 x 52 mm
Colours: only in natural colour
MOQ: 500 pieces per layout/delivery

On request, the cellulose sponge MAXI PLUS is also available in uncompressed, open condition (not printable).


This new all-purpose and car sponge has an extra-dense porosity and is therefore particularly durable and robust and suitable for cleaning of almost all surfaces of your vehicle. Once in water, the formerly grey, dry material becomes dark black. After absorption of even heavy soiling, the optical impression remains clean, and the sponge convinces by best cleaning-results. No matter whether cleaning the rims of your car, truck or motorbike, the spokes or frames of your bikes / e-bikes or cleaning all other varnished or plastic surfaces: the black SQUARE absorbs a lot of liquid and provides a gentle and clean outcome. The stylish look of this extraordinary sponge colour can even be enhanced by an imprint on the surface (e.g., in gold or silver colour) and makes the BLACK SQUARE an even more attractive promotional item.

Specification SQUARE BLACK

Dimension compressed: approx. 128 x 83 x 3-4 mm
Dimension open: approx. 135 x 90 x 30/32 mm
Colours: anthracite/black
MOQ: 500 pieces per layout/delivery


Our round, black pop-up sponge - e.g., printed with a silver layout in rim-design, almost looks like a wheel on rim and therefore becomes the perfect advertising article for every car lover and all companies dealing with cars, car-parts, wheels, or rims. It’s not only the colour and shape, and the enormous swelling-up effect, which is very attractive, the most convincing aspect is the high utility of this promotional item. The cellulose sponge is extremely absorbent, has a very robust and therefore durable fibre structure and offers best cleaning results on almost every surface of your vehicle such as e.g., plastics, aluminum, varnish, rubber, chrome, or glass. Of course, you can add any cleaning detergents to the water and after usage, the sponge can be machine-washed up to 60°C and gets clean and useful again. This also makes the promotional-sponge very sustainable because it can be used over a long-term period and is even completely biologically degradable after its lifetime. Use the flatly compressed delivery-condition and ship the pop-up sponge by mail to your business partners - your customers will be surprised and amazed by the swelling-up effect and high utility value.

Specification RIM SPONGE BLACK

Dimension compressed: 90 mm x approx. 3-4 mm
Dimension open: diam. approx. 100 x 30/32 mm
Colours: anthracite/black
MOQ: 500 pieces per layout/delivery